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Welcome to RunCode 2020.

Complete challenges to attain points. Attain points to impress your friends. Impress your friends to... lol, you don't have any friends, what are you talking about!

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wokati Who_needs_an_agent 11/09/20 13:59
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paiv Argumentative 11/09/20 13:57
paiv Here_Kitty 11/09/20 13:55
Mouxon The_final_login 11/09/20 13:55
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JimmyCarlos Looking_for_agents 11/07/20 22:09
kutterkoeter Strap_sifting 11/07/20 21:54
2020 RunCode Competition - Welcome  Posted: 2020-10-30 12:57:58

Welcome! the Competition is Done! Thanks to all who participated. Once we tally the results, we'll do some other things. Such as letting the site stay up with challenges enabled for a few extra days. But fear not, the challenges will all (eventually) land on the main site at https://runcode.ninja. Thanks, Everybody!..

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Welcome to RunCode  Posted: 2016-07-23 12:00:30

Welcome to RunCode! Please review the FAQ and legal pages. If you need help, read the Helpful Info page and if all else fails, ask on slack!..

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